Aggregate Piles
(Gravel Screening Plant)

Location Just N-NW of Boulder Islands
GPS Coordinates 36° 2.513'N 114° 46.52'W (approximate)
Elevation Top of the piles are are 1005'
Bottom of piles/tunnel entrance is elevation 985'
Depth See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Aggregate Piles - Great dive site in Lake Mead! This is the Gravel Screening Plant used in the building of Hoover Dam. River rock was extracted from dry beds over on the Arizona side of the river, transported by rail to this area, sorted into 4 different piles based on size, washed with water that was de-silted in the "batch plant", and then transported again by rail to the dam site where it was mixed with cement and poured. These piles are huge - You just can't get a feel for their size until you drop down on them.

This area has been under water since 1936, but is now within recreational dive depth, yet has only been seen by a relatively small number of divers.

If you visit the Aggregate Piles, please respect that they have historical significance, and do not damage, destroy, take objects, or leave your mark in any way.

Agg piles circa 1933.

Rail car side dumping into the hopper which spills onto convyors.

Note how these massive piles dwarf the building and vehicle.

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