Arizona Cove

Location Black Canyon, Arizona Side, Near Hoover Dam
GPS Coordinates 36° 1.100'N 114° 43.674'W (approximate)
Elevation Great diving from the surface to the bottom of the canyon
Depth Depths down to 500'. See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Arizona Cove - Great diving here. Great little cove that lets you enjoy Black Canyon without the creepy depths right below you like over in Kraken Cove.

Arizona and Nevada are divided down the middle of the lake by the path the Colorado River used to take before Hoover Dam was built and the basin flooded. When you dive in Arizona Cove, you're actually diving in Arizona. That's cool!

You can follow the terrain around the cove, and follow the V of the cove corner down to an easy grade and stay at a comfortable depth. This is a great place for new divers. Lots of different textures and rock formations to look at. Like Kracken Cove, this is a great place to find lost sandals, sunglasses, and fishing poles. Water temperature ifor the upper 30 feet is in the 80s for July, August & September.

Located far below Arizona Cove is the wreck, Purgatory.


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