The Californian

Location Nevada side of Black Canyon near Hoover Dam
GPS Coordinates

36° 1.650'N 114° 43.587'W (approximate)

Elevation 930'
Depth 160' depth for fall 2010. See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

The Californian - Deep in Black Canyon lies the wreck of The Californian; A 50 year old speed boat with an outboard engine. Although this spot is just 400 yards from Kraken Cove, it's just not quite as spooky. Bring a light, as you should on any dive in Black Canyon, because at this depth, it's quite dark. Watch your gas and keep an eye on your PO2.

Tie off your boat near the coordinates provided, and follow the rock slide in the "V" down to the wreck.

The Californian is sitting upright with the bow facing SE. Like everything in Lake Mead, it's beautifully preserved. Special treats include the California registration sticker dated 1969-1971 and functional steering wheel.


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