Kraken Cove
(aka Nevada Cove)
Often misspelled as Kracken Cove

Location Nevada (west) side of Black Canyon
GPS Coordinates 36° 1.463'N 114° 43.796'W (approximate)
Elevation Cables, steel drums and more at 1080'.
Cool tree stump at 980' and much more even deeper.
Depth See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Kraken Cove - This dive site is more typically known as "Nevada Cove", or "The cove across from Arizona Cove". We coined the phrase Kraken Cove for this spot because in our early technical diving days, because it seemed to eat dive gear. If you're gonna lose something, chances are it will be here. Kraken Cove is in Black Canyon right near Hoover Dam on the Nevada side. Treasures include beer bottles, fishing poles, sandals, and lots of sunglasses. My favorite find to date was a Jefferson Starship cassette tape beautifully preserved.

Black Canyon is deep, steep, and spooky as all hell. Even in the middle of the day, it can get pretty dark down in the depths near the opening to the Kraken's lair.

Diving down, there's shelves down to about the 910' elevation, and then it just drops off into the abyss. At roughly 980' in elevation, which was 150fsw in early 2008, there's a tree stump coming out of the canyon wall, and the Kraken's lair is directly below. At about 1080' elevation, look for thick steel cabling strewn about, 50 gallon drums, and a cool winch, all left over from the construction of the dam in the 1930s.

Please remember to leave treasures left behind from the construction of Hoover Dam alone and undamaged, as these have historical and archeological significance.


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