PBY Plane Wreck
Navy PBY Catalina Amphibious Patrol Bomber

Location Boulder Basin, just outside of Boulder Harbor.
GPS Coordinates 36° 3.150'N 114° 46.863'W (approximate)
Elevation This wreck sits on flat ground, at roughly 925' in elevation.
Depth As of Summerl 2013, this wreck sits at roughly 180' depth.
See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Dive Description: The PBY Catalina wreck is in 2 major sections, and resides roughly 180' down. This dive is accessible by technical scuba divers only. This site is now listed as a US archeological site, so destruction or removal of any material or items from the site is prohibited by federal law. There is an excellent mooring provided by Lake Mead Technical Divers, which provides a secure tie point for your boat, and a quality line for descent and deco. There are 2 cave lines at the base of the mooring running to each section of the wreck. It's about a 75' swim from the mooring to each section of the wreck, so plan your gas accordingly.

About the PBY Catalina aircraft: PBY Catalina was the United States Navy designation for an American and Canadian-built flying boat of the 1930s and 1940s. PB stands for Patrol Bomber, with Y being Consolidated Aircraft's manufacturer identification. This is a 64' long aircraft, with a 104' wing span. When used by the military, it could be equipped with depth charges, bombs, torpedoes, and .50 caliber machine guns and was one of the most widely used multi-role aircraft of World War II. PBY Catalina Aircraft were used in every major theatre of WWII and achieved notable successes in reconnaissance and patrol bomber missions in the South Pacific.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Mike Anderson, our friend and fellow diver
who died while diving the PBY. We will always remember the great times we had with him.


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