Location Black Canyon, Arizona Side, Near Hoover Dam
GPS Coordinates 36° 1.100'N 114° 43.674'W (approximate)
Elevation The wreck is at approximately 920' in elevation, with the exit from the swim through at roughly 895' in elevation.
Depth As of Spring 2013, it's about 185' to the wreck, and 210' or so at the exit of the swim through. See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Purgatory - Great dive! Arizona Cove narrows as it descends down, and at roughly 920' in elevation, there is a 16' wreck flanked by a massive boulder, both wedged in the "V" formed by the narrow channel. The boulder provides a great swim through that lets you out into open water about 25 feet below.

Moor your vessel in Arizona Cove and follow the canyon's natural path down to the wreck. It's a perfect swim for a single 60-70 minute decompression dive on doubles.

Arizona Cove is a great place to find lost sandals, sunglasses, and fishing poles. Water temperature for the upper 30 feet is in the 80s for July, August & September.


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