Wreck Alley
(Sentinel Island, Lake Mead)

Location Boulder Basin, South East corner of Sentinel Island
GPS Coordinates 36° 2.513'N 114° 46.52'W (approximate)
Elevation Mooring base in elevation 1040'.
Wreck are elevation 1050' down to 921'.
Depth Mooring base at approx 55' for springl 2014, and wrecks from 50' to 170'. See Lake Mead Water Elevation to compute depth based on current lake water elevation.

Wreck Alley - Great Lake Mead dive! This can either be a technical dive down the to the 8 wrecks, or an awesome sheer wall recreational dive. For either dive, the mooring is located just east of a rock slide located at the GPS coordinates, about 50 feet off shore.

Technical dive details: Visit 8 great wrecks all within range of this mooring. Tie off your vessel onto the mooring, descend, and follow the cave line down to the various wrecks.

Depth of wrecks for Spring 2014 with water level at 1100'

The Bloody Baron
1050' elevation
50' depth
SS J Alden Gumby
982' elevation
120' depth
The Vickster
970' elevation
132' depth
SS Carole H
968' elevation
130' depth
Southern Cross
968' elevation
130' depth
Blue Moon
946' elevation
155' depth
Sponge Bob
926' elevation
175' depth
SB Castle
921' elevation
180' depth

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