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Dive Rite Compass

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Dive Rite Compass

Product Description & Features
•Oil-filled for precision operation
•Rated to a
depth of 260-feet (80m)
•Wrist or hose mount.
•Rotating 360-degree bezel with click stops
•Large, easy-to-read numbers


Would you recommend this compass?
Absolutely not!

Dive Rite Compass

The Review
This compass stinks. Tilt the compass just a fraction and kiss the accuracy goodbye. No further review necessary.

•Relatively inexpensive.
•Very sturdy.
•Band easily removes and has good holes for bungee wrist mounting.

•Doesn't work worth a crap if it's at all tilted, making this a practically useless instrument.

Don't buy it! Trust me. It's not worth wasting $50-$60. Shame on Dive Rite for even putting their name on this compass. Treat yourself to a Suunto SK-7, which can be tilted up to a 30 degree angle and still be accurate.

**Prices are approximations and near what an average consumer might pay.


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