Product Review
Liquivision X1 Dive Computer

Product Tested
Liquivision X1 (version 5 hardware)
Running vPlanner LIVE firmware.
Deep Sea Supply Bungee Wrist Mount

Product Description & Features
•128x64 OLED display with 2000:1 contrast ratio
•180 degree viewing angle
•Ultra-bright with giant fonts for easy readability
•Readable in complete darkness with no keypresses necessary.
•Dual Ceramic Depth Sensors
•1082 fsw / 330 msw depth rating
•Temperature Sensor
•3-axis accelerometer (allows tapping for menu changes)
•Water Sensor / Wet On
•Fast(4Hz) sampling & refresh rate
•Hard anodized CNC machined aluminum casing
•Scratch resistant borosilicate glass window
•Depth compensating elastic wrist strap
•Universal Charger w/International Adapters
•Lithium Polymer Rechargable battery
•Large (2048KB) Flash Memory
•USB Interface w/Drivers for Microsoft Windows

Liquivision X1
Deep Sea Supply X1 wrist mount
Deep Sea Supply wrist mount

(vPlanner LIVE firmware $145)
(Deep Sea Supply Bungee Wrist Mount $20)

Would you recommend this dive computer?
Absolutely yes!

The Review
The X1 is toted as the iPhone of dive computers. Wow! What a great computer. Super clear display, easy learning curve, and loaded with great features.

I spent about 30 minutes with the X1 getting to know it before I took it for a dive. The dive siumlator function is excellent and very useful for getting a feel of how it will behave under water. My first dive with the unit went like clockwork.

The X1 ships as a bare unit, and firmware needs to be purchased and installed before it will function. I chose vPlanner Live ($145), since I use vPlanner for all of my dive planning. Installation of the firmware went without a hitch, and I was up and running within the hour.

•Great display. Super clear and bright.
•You get to choose which firmware/deco software to run
•Easy computer interface via USB Connection to download logs and update firmware.
•Support for the X1 and V-Planner live available on Liquivision Forums
•V-Planner Live and the X1 firmware is updated often
•Integrated electronic compass (not perfect, but it works)
•PPO2 monitor available soon (Dec 2008) which monitors up to 3 O2 sensors (and CO2 when available)
•Long lasting rechargeable battery can last weeks without charging.

•Wristband is kinda lame. I dove mine with the Deep Sea Supply Bungee wrist mount.
•Battery is sealed inside and must be sent to the factory for replacement.
•Tapping feature can lead to false taps if set too sensitive, or too hard to tap if set too stiff.
•A small passthrough for a bungee "leash" would be nice in case strap fails.

The Liquivision has performed flawlessly for me, and the simple interface made the transition a snap.. The combination of a great hardware platform with a great implementation of V-Planner on a dive computer is a superb match.. I have been diving the X1 as my primary computer since the day I got it.

I have had my Liquivision X1 for several years now, and I am just noticing that my battery does not hold a charge as long as it used to. It will lose it's charge after roughly 20 hours if not plugged back in. This proves to be only a slight inconvenience, and certainly nothing to complain about.

**Prices are approximations and near what an average consumer might pay.


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