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Suunto SK-7 Compass

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Suunto SK-7 Compass

Product Description
High tilt compass with wrist strap.

Features include:

  • Tilt potential of +/- 30°
  • Phosphorescent (glow in the dark) face
  • Large side-reading window
  • Northern hemisphere zone 1/NH
  • Durable rubber wrist boot
  • Easily straps on with or without gloves
  • Easy click turn bezel
  • Reasonably priced


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The Review
The SK-7 is a long time favorite of serious divers, and sets the standard for dive compasses. The SK-7 features an exceptional tilt potential of +/- 30 degrees, which is 2-3 times larger than in conventional diving compasses, easy-to-read numerals on a glow in the dark compass face, and a large side-reading window . The bezel has large ridges that are easy to grip with or without gloves, and ratchets at every fifth degree. The bezel also resits silt, sand, and dirt fouling, thus allowing smooth turning in all conditions.

We found the factory housing and strap too tall and clumsy, so we went with the popular Deep Sea Supply low profile bungee mount, and couldn't be happier. The bungees make it easy to adjust between drysuit and wetsuit, and will compensate for wetsuit compression at depth. It's only $12-$15 plus shipping, and in our opinion, well worth it.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Easy to read face
  • Very forgiving in regards to holding it level.
  • Built tough. Very durable.
  • Glow in the dark face.
  • Easy to don and adjust with bungee mount from Deep Sea Supply.
Suunto SK-7 Compass
Suunto SK-7
SK-7 replacement bezel
Replacement bezel
Deep Sea Supply SK-7 bungee wrist mount
Deep Sea Supply "boot" to convert the SK-7 into a low profile bungee mount. Cost about $15.00
Deep Sea Supply Bungee Mount
Assembled Deep Sea Supply bungee mount.


  • The bezel can crack and break if badly mistreated. This is, however, replaceable.
  • The boot and strap that come with the SK-7 are bulky, so in our opinion, replacement with the bungee mount from Deep Sea Supply is necessary.

We absolutely love the Suunto SK-7 compass. We've been diving ours for over 5 years and do not have a single complaint.



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