Our Teaching Philosophy

Here at Mission Scuba, we dive for the love of the sport and not for profit, but we do offer private and semi-private recreational and technical scuba classes and instruction for discerning individuals looking to truly learn and earn their certification, and not just buy it. Does this mean you can't get good training from a local dive shop or sporting goods chain? Absolutely not. They offer perfectly good scuba training. We just take it to the next level.

That's a pretty bold statement, but it's very true. Because we're teaching simply because we enjoy it and not because it's our primary revenue source allows us to really take our time and do it right. Other dive shops may argue that it's not realistic to spend the extra time with each class to add that extra level of comfort and experience, but for us, it works - we like it - so we do it. You'll see that our class pricing is higher than you may see advertised elsewhere, but remember, our classes are private and extremely thorough.

A common misconception is to assume that someone who has logged a ton of dives must be a good diver. Not true! Just like someone that has been driving every day for years can still be a crappy driver. We've met plenty of people that have been diving far longer than us who just simply are not good divers. With that in mind, remember that just because someone is an instructor doesn't mean they're a good instructor, and in fact, being an instructor does not even guarantee they are a good diver.

Here are some of the advantages of learning to scuba dive with Mission Scuba:

  • Renewed/Insured/Authorized - We are fully insured and renewed with PADI and IANTD
  • We teach because we love it! Making money is not our motivator, but providing the best instruction we reasonably can is.
  • Private or Semi-Private Instruction. Great for busy people with tough schedules, or people needing more of a one on one environment.
  • All class dives are boat dives. No murky shore diving!
  • Classroom and water portions are easy paced and geared towards your comfort. Since our classes are private or semi private, you won't be stuck with people in your class that either slow the whole class down, or rush the whole class along. We move forward at your pace, and when you're ready.
  • Classes are worked around your schedule. Weekdays, weekends, holidays. No problem!
  • Rush classes available. Leaving next week for your trip to the Bahamas and need to earn your scuba certification before you leave? No worries! If you can handle back to back days of class, we can squeeze you in. Please note, we will NOT shorten the necessary class hours or omit skills to finish in a shorter amount of time. We will simply do longer days to finish quicker.
  • Great for families. We have teenage twins that both learned to dive at age 10, so we know first hand what makes kids tick and how to work with them to keep them busy and happy. Additionally, we know all too well how expensive it is to get the whole family diving, so we offer $100 off per child under 16 with each paying adult. Every little bit helps!
  • Perfect for the not-yet-diving significant other. If you're one of those who's partner has been bugging you to dive for years but you're just not sure if diving is right for you (or if you're right for diving), we're a perfect fit! We'll take our time addressing your issues, lowering your anxiety, and getting you to where you're comfortable diving.

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